Thai Yoga Massage

Aroma Terapi & olie massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote the beauty, health and wellness of your body. Essential oils extracted from various plants in the wild as fruits, trees, leaves, herbs, flowers, seeds and grass. The oils function is to increase psychological well-being and help the body to activate the forces required to create a good balance between body and psyche.

What makes our oil massage special is the carefully selected essential oils extracted from a mix of flowers. The massage gives warmth and lightness in the body, boosting blood circulation and gives peace of mind. The science of oil massage and aromatherapy originated from the west. Thais have used fragrances and herbs in traditional health care for a very long time. Wat Po's Oil Massage Technique combined with Thai Massage Techniques is used to manipulate the body and relax it.

1 Hour 500.00 kr.

½ Hour 300.00 kr.